Our Business

Investment Objective

The primary objective of TrustCapital is to establish Funds/Investments that generate attractive risk-adjusted returns from a high quality portfolio of real estate assets. As Investment Manager, TrustCapital will actively manage the portfolio with the aim of providing a regular income stream over the holding period of the assets, and maximising capital gains at the end of the life of each Fund/Investment. TrustCapital’s inaugural fund – AOF1 – is focused on commercial office assets in the core Australian real estate markets of Sydney, Melbourne , Canberra and Brisbane.

Investment Philosophy

TrustCapital’s investment philosophy for a Fund is founded on the following key principles:

• A well-structured and rigorous investment selection process

• Experienced executive team and investment committee to evaluate investments made by the fund

• An active asset management strategy

• Alignment of interests of the key executives of the Investment Manager and the Limited Partners

• True independence, and no conflict of interests, the Fund does not have a real-estate sponsor with a pipeline of existing assets and who is looking to the Fund as an exit vehicle for their legacy investments

• Clear and defined exit strategies aimed at maximising total return to investors